Make 2014 The Year You Complete That DIY Project

Many people are planning to complete a much-awaited home DIY project in 2014. However, turning your home into a work in process can make your life – and your family’s – a long-term nightmare. It’s important to stay on time and on budget. But you can do it. Here’s how.

Do your research. Know what you want to do – and whether you can do it. Talk to experts at home-building stores. Watch video tutorials. There’s a youtube video for just about every home improvement. Read books. Find out how long it should take and avoid unnecessary delays by ensuring you have the proper equipment before you begin. Buy wisely from stores with good reputations and lots of experience. And as much as you want to do it yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Know why you want to make changes to your home; a full-blown re-build may not be necessary. A fresh coat of paint or new tiles can bring new life to a bathroom or kitchen. New light fixtures or curtains can enliven a room. Putting new wallpaper on one wall can be as effective as re-decorating the whole space.

Re-use and change: You may be able to make better use of what you have by re-purposing (old doors can become table tops, for example) or re-arranging.

Don’t rush to buy new. Shop at thrift stores. Pahrump (and many parts of rural Nevada) are a goldmine of garage & yard sales. Antiques, antiques, antiques and yes, junk, junk, junk! Ask friends or family for furniture they don’t want. One persons trash is another persons treasure. Just ask my wife. 

if you’re performing the home improvement in advance of selling your home, speak to a qualified Realtor first. Hopefully me! The improvement may be a waste of time. You may not obtain the desired affect. What looks good to you may be a “deal killer” to someone else. I’ve seen folks install carpet in the bathrooms then, buyers run for the hills. Even granite counters can create buyer rejection as many buyers prefer solid surface counters.

Finally, go out there and make something happen this year.


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