How To Make Your Home The First Choice For Buyers

Thinking about selling your home but worried about the competition?

Whether you live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where every home looks more or less the same or an eclectic, unique, or rural setting (like mine), use these simple tips to make your property the best in its class.

Tackle Trouble Spots

Like every home (including mine), yours has a few trouble spots that you have probably learned to live with.

Unfortunately, time might make the heart grow fonder, but unfortunately it rarely helps sell a home.
Have a certified home inspection conducted to highlight the issues and, they will find issues. This process is well worth a few hundred bucks. Pay special attention to needed repairs, deferred maintenance and any “ugly” areas. Safety issues on the property must be addressed such as loose handrails, broker or cracked steps, and faulty electrical. Addressing issues prior to the listing will help sell your home quicker and in most cases, yield a higher amount for your home. If money is tight, ask your Realtor to help you prioritize repair items. Remember bang for buck!

Invest in fresh paint, plants and other quick fixes designed to enhance curb appeal. Get rid of the weeds, haul-off the broken museum displays like your wagon wheels and rusty mining cars. Present your home, if possible, with positive energy, well organized, and inviting rather than a structure screaming with deferred maintenance issues and drama. Have an objective, honest friend or family member assess your homes appearance. I heard a wise ole Realtor once tell a Seller, “we live one way, we sell a home another way”. Hint, hint!

Find a Focal Point or theme

Make sure there is something memorable about your home from the moment prospective buyers see the front door until they leave. If you don’t have curb appeal, good luck luring the potential buyer deeper into your home. Each successive room must be inviting and fresh or the walk-through will terminate. Folks are busy these days. The less desirable property will get less attention if any.

Avoid candles, fresh flowers or other potential allergy or chemical sensitivity triggers. For whatever reason, more folks these days tend to have allergies and/or aversion to scent and smells. 

Every room should capture positive attention while inviting visitors to explore (with the Realtor present). This doesn’t mean that you should display all your collectibles and family artifacts. In fact, lock up your valuable, meds, and weapons while your home is listed and accessible. 

Make It Theirs

Remember, attract – don’t detract. Clear clutter and make sure each room is open enough that buyers are able to envision their belongings in the room – not yours. Remove the clutter especially from closets and doorways. Potential Buyers must be able to assess the space and room size. Store the clutter in the garage or better yet, off the property. Come on, you can do it!

Neutral colors, natural lighting and a casual ambiance combined with simple yet inspiring plants, paintings or other props help create a “special spot” they will want to call home. Park the Elvis on velvet in the garage. This is called, “staging”.

Price It Right

Buyers will often look at your house only if the price is right. With help from the internet and/or the Buyers Realtor, it’s easy for them to compare the price of your house with the prices of others on the street, so it’s essential to make sure yours is priced competitively. Remember that your upgrades will not yield dollar for dollar.

Best for Last

My two favorites. 1. Don’t follow for Realtor through your home in fact, leave the home in advance of the showing or wait outside. 2. Stay positive during the selling process. If you price the home commensurate with the market, it will all be over quickly. If you don’t, the home will “age” on the market/MLS. Realtor’s and potential Buyers will assume your home hasn’t sold due to issues and start to avoid showings.


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