Go Powder your Nose

Staged for Style

And while you’re at it, take a look around.

Does your powder room look anything like this:


Well mine does and it’s a shame.  Seriously, this really is my own sad powder room.  It could be worse I guess.  But it could also be a whole lot better!

This tiny room in most of our homes sees a lot of action.  And because it is small but frequently visited by our families and our guests it is the PERFECT place to step out of our comfort zones and do something  a little daring and fantastic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should make it totally our of sync with the rest of your house.  I’m just saying this is a great place to take some chances and turn up the volume a little bit.  Small spaces like this are just right for big, bold designs.

Have you loved…

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Before and After – Fantastic Family Room

Staged for Style

Family rooms see a lot of action – second only to the kitchen in most homes for time spent hanging out. We helped a wonderful and very sweet family make their family room a much more pleasant place to be and I’m really excited share the results with you.

This family room is quite long and narrow with only one solid wall. We see this layout often and it has it’s challenges.   It also has a fireplace, which is fantastic, however in many homes having a fireplace in the family room becomes a battle of the focal points.  TV vs. fireplace.

In their previous arrangement, the TV and fireplace had been on one wall, competing for attention with each other. Also our clients wanted more seating, which seemed impossible with the current arrangement.

Here’s the before:


And here is the after…


Quite a transformation, don’t you think?

We normally…

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Breaking Rules in the Bedroom

Staged for Style

Design rules that is.

One huge decision when arranging your bedroom is where to put the bed.  It is almost always the largest piece of furniture in the room and as such everything else really has to work around its placement.   As a general rule, the bed goes on the longest wall that is unbroken by a window or door or other architectural element.  Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible and ideally there is space on each side for a nightstand.

In some bedrooms it is really obvious where the bed should go.  Easy-peasy, like this:


Image via New England Home

A few of the things you want to avoid when placing your bed:  blocking windows with it, putting it in a corner with the long side pushed  against a wall or having it block the flow into other parts of the room.

This is all…

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8 striking images of drought-stricken California

Global News

Southern California got an overnight soaking Thursday as residents prepared for a second, more powerful storm that could bring heavier rain and prompted fears of mudslides in communities along fire-scarred foothills.

In January, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency after the state faced its driest year on record in 2013.

READ MORE: NASA scientists turn their technology and research to help manage California’s drought

Some of the state’s reservoirs have seen their lowest levels in years while farmers are letting orchards dry up and—in some cases—making the tough call to have their trees torn out of the ground, leaving behind empty fields.

We take a look at the effect of the devastating drought in California:

A discarded computer keyboard lies on the dry, cracked bed of the Almaden Reservoir in San Jose, Calif. on Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 during the state’s worst drought in recorded history. (Photo credit: AP…

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BODIES: The Exhibition

Atlanta's CW69

Atlantic Station plays host to one of the most peculiar and respectable exhibitions in the city of Atlanta. BODIES: The Exhibition is something that you do not want to miss. From the moment you step in, you are completely immersed in science and spectacle. Now, there are many who think, ‘Science? HARUMPH. That’s boring. I can just look in my textbook to learn about my body.’ Those are also probably the people that blow bubbles from a plastic pipe. The human body is put on full display for learning and fascination, delving into the deep inner workings of–YOU!

I couldn’t stop singing that John Mayer song while walking through the exhibit though. You know the one: “Your body is a wonderland...” It was truly wonderful.  A very big piece that I found comforting, was the amount of respect and dignity used in the preservation of the subjects…

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Friday Fotos: Black and White and Arizona All Over

Arizona Highways

Bob Larson | Prescott Bob Larson | Prescott

“Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.” — Karl Lagerfeld

Black-and-white photography has its own special beauty — and its own challenges. You were up to the task in this week’s Friday Fotos. As usual, we had many more worthy submissions than we could fit into a blog post. We hope you’ll keep submitting your photos, even if yours didn’t make it this time. Have a great weekend!

By submitting photographs to Arizona Highways via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other social networking sites, the photographer grants Arizona Highways electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Arizona Highways blog or website.

By publishing a photographer’s work to its blog, Arizona Highways does not endorse the photographer’s private business or claim responsibility for any business relationships entered into between the photographer and our readers.

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4 Modern Ways to Bring an English Country Style to Your Home


The English Country style is both classic and charming. Bring this look into your home, while still keeping things modern, with these 4 ideas:

1. Play Matchmaker

Matching walls & furniture is oh-so English Country. Many provincial homes in England use one pattern throughout an entire room. For a modern take on this look, upholster your walls in the same print as the focal-point piece of furniture in your room. We like the traditional florals from Aerin Lauder’s collection for Lee Jofa.

Matching Fabric & Wallpaper English Decor Dining Room

Lee Jofa Fabric - Hither Leaf/Forest 2013121-323 Lee Jofa Fabric – Hither Leaf/Forest

Lee Jofa Fabric - Seafield - Pink/Aqua 2013124_715_0 Lee Jofa Fabric – Seafield – Pink/Aqua

Robert Allen Fabric - Amsale - Green Tea Robert Allen Fabric – Amsale – Green Tea

2. Add a Chesterfield Sofa

What would make a space more English than a sofa with British lineage? The Chesterfield sofa, designed in the 18th century by the Earl of Chesterfield, has been used in UK decor for decades. This piece of furniture is button-tufted and…

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Beds 101

Arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll ever purchase, a bed can often make or break good sleeping patterns. Of course the mattress is key, but catching some z’s will be challenging if your headboard shakes, rattles and rolls every time you make the tiniest of moves. While it wards off sleepless nights, it’s also one of the main design features in your bedroom. While sleigh beds and four-poster beds are classic romantic, platform beds and tufted headboard are trendy and contemporary. Your bed makes a statement, so think about what you’re going for and make sure your choice reflects your style. As you get ready to make the purchase, here are some styles, sizes and overall tips to consider.

What size bed should I get?

If you aren’t replacing the mattress, your new piece will have to be the same as your current size. If you’re looking to upgrade from a queen to king (or even California king), be sure you have the space. Measure your bedroom and ensure there is enough wall space and walking room to accommodate it; if your preferred bed has a headboard or frame that expands past the mattress, be sure to keep that in mind. For younger kids, a twin is ideal, though they will probably want to upgrade to full or queen as they get older. When it comes to a guest bedroom, beds should be at least a full, preferably a queen, for ideal comfort. 

What kind of bed works for my master bedroom?

Even if you are a budget hunter, this is one purchase where you shouldn’t count your pennies. A bed’s quality (or lack thereof) can make or break your ability to sleep, since a cheap piece is more likely to creak, groan and move when weight is applied. Think high-quality and durable first and foremost, and then consider the style. If you love a traditional, timeless look, a sleigh, four-poster or canopy bed is a great option; for a cost-efficient option, try an ornate wood headboard with a standard frame. If you’re on the cutting edge, opt for an upholstered headboard with nailhead accents, patterned fabric, unique shape or tufted design. A modern platform unit is great too, especially since you won’t need to buy a foundation or box spring. 

What bed works best for kids and guests?

Because kids’ bedrooms often lack space, bunk, trundle and loft beds are popular space-saving options. They work great for a shared bedroom and come in handy during child sleepovers as well. When it comes to your guest bedroom, be sure the piece is big enough to accommodate a couple, but add a futon or daybed to fit more than two. If you only have an office to work with, try installing a murphy bed, which pulls down from the wall when needed, but is otherwise out of the way. And if all else fails, a pull-out sofa always does the job!

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New Project Photos


HighlineSnowdays0513_0217Photo by Gibeon Photography

New project photos are available to view on Locati Architects’ website.  The home is the Snowdays Residence located in Big Sky, Montana, and features a contemporary-rustic design aesthetic.  The clients wanted a mountain home that steered away from the more traditional or “heavy” feel of decor that some homes tend to lean toward in Big Sky.  Click on the link below to view the full project profile.

Link to Project Profile

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I love the look of black and white wall décor but often times if your décor style is something other than modern or contemporary it can be challenging to decorate with.  Here are three design tips that might make the task of decorating with black and white wall décor a little easier!


With a more transitional or eclectic décor style mix things up a bit by combing traditional artwork with other decorative objects or mirrors.  The wall grouping below is a great example of traditional botanical prints being paired with a black framed mirror and tortoise shells.  There is a traditional undertone but the overall feel is more eclectic and personalized.





Black and white artwork hung as a collection and hung close together creates symmetry and…

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