Stucco Construction in Pahrump, Nevada & SW U.S.

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Almost all of my non-SW U.S clients ask me about the stucco siding they see on our homes. Seems to me that most home owners across the country are more familiar with the other available siding materials. This is why I assembled a summary of pros & cons. Not that you have any choice over the matter if you want to live in the southwest but, I wanted you to know.

A major advantage of stucco construction is the cost. It is one of the cheapest of siding materials to put on a house. Moreover, homeowners can further reduce the costs of the stucco by choosing to apply it themselves. While this is not something all homeowners will decide to do, applying stucco is not very technically demanding and can be learned relatively quickly. As easy as the process can be, you can ruin the homes appearance if you don’t have prior experience.

The durability of stucco is another pro that many find appealing. Stucco can last for many decades and very rarely needs painting. This makes stucco construction one of the most maintenance-free choices of all siding materials. To help increase the life of the paint, homeowners should use a masonry paint that can penetrate the stucco, rather than just coat the surface of the material.
Stucco also has a number of practical benefits that can improve safety and save money. For example, the material is fire resistant, which is not true of all forms of siding. It also can help provide some additional insulation, which is ideal for those in both warm and cold climates. Therefore, a stucco house may actually help a homeowner cut down on energy costs.
One of the main disadvantages of stucco construction is the fact that it will look like a plain, flat finish from a distance. This is one disadvantage that cannot be overcome. As individuals get closer to the home, the texture of the stucco becomes visible. To counteract this negative effect, some individuals may choose a neutral stucco color with high contrast colors in shutters, and corners and other features of the house to create an appealing view from a distance.

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