The most amazing hotels in the world

…..and maybe the most amazing blog post in the world!

Backpacking with Chad

Some of these hotels look very nice, but I’m not convinced I would like to stay in any of them. Not only would they be outrageously expensive, but some of them look to be a little difficut to get to. Plus, who really wants to sleep in a big glass bubble? Really?

When I travel around the world, I prefer to stay at little guesthouses and b&b’s, interacting with the locals and saving my money! Each to their own, I guess.

1. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

If you travel to Switzerland you must be quite rich, right? It is a very expensive place. So why would anybody stay here? Look at it! It is old, looks like the mountain is holding it up and the wind must rattle through those windows. The view looks good, I’ll give it that, but the view from the top floor of the Ibis Lugano Paradiso is…

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