The most amazing hotels in the world part 3

Can you see yourselves at these destinations? I can!

Backpacking with Chad

13. Hotel Le Sirenuse, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Another cave, although at least this one is light and probably without bats. They do need to get a gardener in, though. Look at the weeds climbing along the roof.

14. Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

No. Just no.

15. The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden, Switzerland

This is more like it. Look at that lobby! Functional, stylish, great views, double glazed windows. I’m pretty sure the rooms in this hotel are made of bricks, with normal bathrooms and windows. The pool looks great too, but I would prefer an indoor pool. Switzerland is cold! All in, this is my favorite hotel on the list so far. I bet they have cable as well!

16. Dedon Island Resort

This looks like my Uncle Meyrick’s house down in Louisiana. I hope these houses are better built than my Uncle’s place. If it is anything like down there, that woman better…

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