Don’t Make Me Walk!

Very special posting. This blogger is right on target!!!

Which Way Now 101

Though I am a bit of a lapsed American, I’m always amazed and proud when we drive through rugged and inhospitable landscapes, like Death Valley or the Rockies, and know that my country’s early explorers and settlers trekked across blistering salt flats, over snow capped mountains and many miles of dust or mud defended by rightly indignant Native Americans just so that I could sing “from sea to shining sea.”

Some of these plucky adventurers were gold crazed 49ers looking for a short cut to a fortune. Others, like the family in James Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, were driven in the 1930’s by poverty, desperation or a simple quest for the security that owning arable land could bring.

As we drove over a rise in the road in our comfortable car in Death Valley, a wildly patterned mosaic mountain range in layers of gold, red, brown, black, even…

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