Patio & Deck Rehab for Spring

Since the patio, like a kitchen, is such a gathering place, planning out your patio rehab/remodel (in writing) is key before you start digging and ripping. First of all, calculate your budget, take time to figure out what material works best for you, and decide whether you want a covered or uncovered spot. If you suffer through tough winters, the answer is obvious. Next, determine what amenities are important to you; is an outdoor fireplace essential, or would a smaller scale fire pit work just as well? Factor in the potential damage that your pets can make on the materials and appliances. It’s their patio also. Finally, much like any other room, decorate the space to ensure that it’s welcoming, interesting and colorful. Credit to my wife, Nanette, and HGTV for knowing these key considerations.

What materials should I use for my patio?

With an outdoor space, your materials help dictate the overall style and feel, so make sure your patio accurately reflects the style of your home. Stone pavers and terracotta tile are common with mediterranean houses, while brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Concrete works well with most spaces, so it’s a great option to use when you’re unsure what direction you’re heading. After you figure out your foundation, decide whether you want a covered or uncovered space. You can add a pergola, arbor, awning or trellis for some shade, or you can let the sun shine in and go without. 

What should I incorporate into my patio?

Even though a patio can just be a paved slab, it can also be much more, if you add the right additions. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for cooler nights, while an outdoor kitchen and bar make it the ideal party spot. Regardless of what you do, a grill and eating spot is a must for al fresco dining, and you need good-quality furniture to truly enjoy even the most basic outdoor space. Depending on your budget, you can even opt for a hot tub and pool, if you don’t mind the maintenance. Remember to properly cover and protect all your appliances when not in use. 

How should I decorate my patio?

Everything you place outdoors should be weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look as good as any indoor living room. Rugs, throw pillows and chair cushions all come in waterproof fabrics, while coffee tables, side tables, sofas, sectionals and armchairs often come together in sets. Rope or string lighting are popular mood setters, as are candles, which can also keep bugs away if you get the right kind. Fun accessories, like a garden stool, tiki torch or umbrella, can add more personality where it’s lacking. Now the wet blanket, One good wind and you’ll lose everything. When the patio is not being enjoyed, properly & safely store the accessories.

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