Garage & Shed 101

How do I organize my garage?

First of all, I must disclose that although opine on this topic, my garage and pump-house are disaster zones. With that said, one of the best ways to keep your space clean is by adding built-ins. They allow you to carefully organize all your items so they’re easy to find and put away while you work. Add cabinets along the walls, a built-in workbench for ample counter space and wall hooks for hanging brooms, shovels and other oddly shaped tools. I’m using part of a closet system/organizer for tool storage. Stow pricier, cherished tools in a locked toolbox, and use wall-mounted racks to keep bikes out of the way. Think about your ceiling too; many manufacturers make overhead ceiling racks for seasonal and infrequently used items. Make certain that your kids are not performing pull-ups on the ceiling mounted hardware as they cannot support a great deal of weight.

Should I get a shed?

If your garage can’t keep up with your prized possessions and antiquities, consider adding a shed to take on some of the storage load. Because it’s in the backyard, it’s a convenient place for gardening or yard equipment, as well as seasonal pool accessories or outdoor cushions during the winter. They can also be used for hay & feed storage. In my case, I have a pump-house where my well pump is located. Yes, some people have crystal clear water streaming under their property. But I digress, When the weather is nice, they can also work as a detached living space for work or play. Because they don’t take up much room, they are easy to add and come in a variety of price points, which makes them work well for many families. In rural Nevada, we can find used storage sheds at a fraction of the price.

What else can I use my garage and shed for?

If living space is more of an issue than storage, you can always convert it into an extra room. Because it is often placed out in the yard, a shed makes a fun playhouse or outdoor playroom; it can also work also a quiet home office for those who work from home. A garage, whether detached or attached, can also act as a home office or playroom, as well as a music room, craft room or extra bedroom. If you’re turning it into a fully developed space, make sure it complies with local ordinances and has enough ventilation, light and insulation for seasonal temperature changes.

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