Top 10 European Wonders Part 1

Since many of us will never have the opportunity to visit exotic paces, we need folks, like Chad, to paint the picture. Chad, well done, again! Ron

Backpacking with Chad

I thought I would do another list today. I know travelers can’t get enough lists (I certainly can’t!)

Here is part 1 of my list of top European wonders. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Acropolis / Parthenon – Athens, Greece

One of the top European wonders is the Acropolis / Partenon in Athens, Greece Acropolis / Parthenon, Athens, Greece

If you’ve read my book you will know my feelings about Athens. Countries all over the world are constantly being called ‘the Athens’ of whatever area they are in, like Delhi is called ‘the Athens’ of India, or Athens, Gerogia is called ‘the Athens’ of Georgia. I don’t understand why this is because Athens is a dirty, cramped, noisy city.

The Acropolis is a 5th century BC temple complex, and it really looks like it too. I can’t understand why they built this here. The view is terrible, just an endless vista of shanty town roofs. I was not impressed by the Acropolis / Parthenon…

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