Patio & Deck Rehab for Spring

“Patio & Deck Rehab 101” Re-issued by popular demand!


Since the patio, like a kitchen, is such a gathering place, planning out your patio rehab/remodel (in writing) is key before you start digging and ripping. First of all, calculate your budget, take time to figure out what material works best for you, and decide whether you want a covered or uncovered spot. If you suffer through tough winters, the answer is obvious. Next, determine what amenities are important to you; is an outdoor fireplace essential, or would a smaller scale fire pit work just as well? Factor in the potential damage that your pets can make on the materials and appliances. It’s their patio also. Finally, much like any other room, decorate the space to ensure that it’s welcoming, interesting and colorful. Credit to my wife, Nanette, and HGTV for knowing these key considerations.

What materials should I use for my patio?

With an outdoor space, your materials help…

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