10 Things Us Moms Can Learn From Dads

Well done!

A Game of Diapers

wpid-IMG_799763635259932.jpegAfter reading what seems to be like a barrage of posts on “Mommy Wars” lately I made a comment that you don’t see men fighting about staying home or going to work, and that’s when it hit me.  There are lots of things Dads do (or don’t do) that us Moms could learn a thing or two from.

10. They DON’T feel guilty for working (or staying at home).  Really, why is it such a big deal for us moms and not for dads.  You make your choice you go with it, whether you are a working mom or a SAHM.  It makes me so sad to read posts everyday by women who work either by choice or necessity.

9. They DON’T read parenting books.  Yes, I do believe there is a value in reading some books, and I have read my fair share.  But I know that they can do…

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