A River Runs Through It


Continuing on from the post yesterday, again I am looking at images that I can use for my One on One photography sessions.  Today we are going to look at the water around the city.  For me that includes all the river and to the Docklands.  There is the other end of the river, but I have to admit I haven’t explored it much, perhaps I should.  It is more parks.

sccity-hpm0298-2cepFor many of my followers you will have seen many of these images before.  They have all been on the blog in the last couple of years, some of them multiple times.

Another thing I have been wondering about is if I called them the right thing.  I call them one on one, but should they be called something more personal, like Individual Photography Tours/Lessons?  Should I give them a more snappier name 12One, so they are One…

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