How To Make Your Home The First Choice For Buyers

Very important guidelines when your home is competing with many others in a busy selling market. Please enjoy this re-blog from last month. Ron


Thinking about selling your home but worried about the competition?

Whether you live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where every home looks more or less the same or an eclectic, unique, or rural setting (like mine), use these simple tips to make your property the best in its class.

Tackle Trouble Spots

Like every home (including mine), yours has a few trouble spots that you have probably learned to live with.

Unfortunately, time might make the heart grow fonder, but unfortunately it rarely helps sell a home.
Have a certified home inspection conducted to highlight the issues and, they will find issues. This process is well worth a few hundred bucks. Pay special attention to needed repairs, deferred maintenance and any “ugly” areas. Safety issues on the property must be addressed such as loose handrails, broker or cracked steps, and faulty electrical. Addressing issues prior to the listing will help sell…

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