This Machine Will Translate Your Dog’s Thoughts Into Words

What better way to end the day than reading this……


Overly inspired by Pixar’s Up, Swedish researchers are attempting to create a machine that will scan your dog’s brain in order to translate his thoughts into words.

“No More Woof is the result of combining the latest technologies in three different tech-areas – EEG (electroencephalography) sensoring, micro computing and special [brain-computer interface] software,” says the product’s website. While the product isn’t on the market yet, you can put in your pre-order on Indiegogo.

And what will your dog be able to say to you? No More Woof says key phrases might include: “I’m hungry — but I don’t like this!” and “Who is that woman, she looks nice!” Of course, if everything goes according to plan No More Woof wants to produce an uncensored edition that will allow an owner to “hear your dog spelling out its horny thought. Perfect opener in the part! ‘Hey Bitch, wanna play?'”


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