Weekend Wanderings – No Freeway Through Banyule


This is what the state government wants to do near where I live, build a freeway right through some of the most amazing land in the city of Melbourne.  We have a government that is very short sighted and they only think cars.  The solution to every problem is to build more freeways, apparently.  We get promised train lines, but then they renege.  So today I thought I might show you where they want to put the freeway.

LeanneCole-banyule-20140302-0503People have these signs up in the front of their houses, us included.  I found this one lying on the ground on top of a nearby hill.  When I went out this morning I wanted to see if I could get photos of the sunrise on a hill not far from where I live.  Of course, as my luck goes, I went out and there was no real sunrise.

LeanneCole-banyule-20140302-0513There were too…

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