Mood Board Monday: A Loft Life



Inspiration: Today we are inspired by lofts. A loft is a large open space often found in urban areas and is usually associated with the artistic neighborhoods of NYC, Chicago and L.A. Here in New York city, it is common to see lofts used as art galleries and showrooms, but many of them are residential, too.

Get the Look: A loft tends to be open and airy and often contains industrial features like exposed brick walls, metal beams, wood, stone and glass.

  • Create the look of industrial features with trompe l’oeil wallpaper that mimics wood, brick, etc.
  • Choose a color palette with natural earth tones to add softness to the space
  • Separate the area into different sections with a screen divider
  • Use decorative elements that double as storage, like a chest

How would you decorate your loft?

Let us know by tweeting @DecoratorsBest using hashtag #MBM or leave…

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