Hallway Designing 101

By now, you’ve probably realized that my blog postings highlight every space in the home. I’m preparing a “white paper” in which all topics are consolidate and posted. So here we go with hallways. An important and confounding space that creates more domestic arguments, in my opinion, than any other space in the home. If you think about it, this is a key space, in your home, for egress and ingress.

Even though halls are primarily pathways between spaces, they can be much more, if decorated and designed correctly. With some built-in bookcases, a hallway can display books you love or interesting knickknacks you’ve collected during your travels. A photo wall collage, my favorite, can turn it into a daily reminder of good times with those you love, while some well-picked art can transform it into a respectable art gallery. With just a little effort, and maybe a couple built-ins, shelves and decorations, you can easily turn this transitional space into a full-fledged room.

How do I add storage to my hall?

If you have a small home, utilizing the hallway as extra storage is a great way to save much-needed space. To avoid narrowing an already narrow space, don’t incorporate full-sized furniture; instead, add built-in bookcases and demi-lune tables for your book collection and small accessories. You can also add narrow shelves on the wall, as long as they don’t cut into your walking space. 

How do I decorate my hall?

Because your hallway is such a small space, don’t go overboard with your decor. If you want to display a photo collection, group frames in odd numbers, like three or five pieces, and vary the heights to add interest. You can use shadow boxes and art shelves to display quirky small accessories, but try to rotate them out occasionally to keep in fresh and interesting. Wall space is key, but don’t forget about your ceilings and floors as well. Ceiling lights, chandeliers or wall sconces can act as additional decor, while runner rugs are a quick, easy way to add color and pattern to a traditionally all-neutral space.

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4 thoughts on “Hallway Designing 101

  1. Thanks for these hallway tips! I’ve never really been into interior decor but now that I’m spending a lot more time at home (as opposed to working 13 hour days before I got sick, ha ha) I’m gaining a deeper appreciation of the space I live in. Looking forward to the next installment.


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