Before and After: A Laundry Room Reveal

This blog posting, by our friends Ashley and Sheli, echos one of my recent topics (Laundry Room 101). Great job ladies!!!

Staged for Style

Do you ever look at “before and after” pictures and think to yourself that the ‘before’ couldn’t really have been THAT awful.  That something must have been done to make the space look worse in the ‘before’ picture so that the ‘after’ would seem really dramatic?

I can assure you that was not the case in my laundry room.

It really was this bad all by itself.


With a pretty useless corner.


And minimal storage.


Open wire shelving, a shower curtain rod to hang clothes from and a dingy plywood counter top did not a pretty picture make.


It was not a nice place to be.

Space was really an issue and our laundry room had an odd area of dead space.  A 2×2 foot corner that was drywalled in and completely empty inside.


Four feet may not seem like much, but in a tiny space like this it can…

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