Artwork 101

Finding artwork and wall decorations that reflect your personality and unique sense of taste can be difficult, but when done right, it can be one of the most defining features of your home. Here are some things to consider when shopping for art. 

Find art, wall decorations or photographs that you love.

When you stumble upon a piece of art that moves you, don’t worry if it matches the sofa. It can be much easier to adjust your decor to complement your art than to find a piece of art that is both meaningful to you and already fits an existing color scheme. 

Think about what prints and paintings work with your space.

Play up the staggering height of a beautiful loft with an equally tall vertical print. Consider nestling a sculpture or hanging a mobile in a forgotten corner. A series of vintage portraits or posters along the wall of a staircase can add texture and character. Know your home’s strengths so that artwork can be a welcome part of your living space. 

Check out every type of wall decoration.

If you’re at a loss to consider the types of art you can buy online, here’s a brief rundown. There are paintings, collages, screen prints, and sculptures of bronze or terra cotta if you want something more traditional. There are also paper-mache works, wood carvings, photography of all kinds, illustration pieces or concert posters. Consider abstract works for colorful designs or pottery for a muted and classy look. Walk through an antique shop for inspiration or look through some Houzz ideabooks to see what gets your attention. Make a mental note of the artwork you admire everywhere you go, whether you’re in a dental office or a chic new restaurant. Work with your interests and tastes, and start from there. Your local gallery, art museums and open studio tours are great places to find art from your own area. 

Arrange artwork for convenient viewing.

One of the last elements to think about it is where to place your artwork. A sculpture in the middle of a small hallway is not conducive to fluid movement, but when placed in a proper space it can be fully admired by guests. Place art above seating arrangements or better yet, face your seats to the artwork so it can be a conversation starter. Give proper lighting and visibility for easy art appreciation moments.

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