Barware 101

After having 2 challenging days in a row, a nice glass of wine in a perfect crystal glass was the order of the day. While I was sipping away and recalling great memories, I began to wonder how many people have a properly stocked bar set. Read-on my friends, read-on or is it, stay thirsty?.

Every bar should be stocked with the right barware to function appropriately. From glassware to accessories, you’ll want to think about what you’ll be serving and how many at a time, as well as style and materials to get your collection down pat. 
What types of barware are available?

What do I need to partake?

Barware ranges far and wide, serving almost every type of bar need. The most common necessity are glasses: depending on the drinks you favor or choose to serve, you may want specific types of glasses. Do you enjoy margaritas or wine? Invest in stemware. Do you like testing out varieties of beers? Consider pilsner, pint or beer steins. Or, make a statement with several tumblers: highball, Collins and old-fashioned glasses are timeless additions to your bar. Beyond the basic glassware, you may also want to consider wine buckets, decanters, mixers, cutting boards, a mini fridge, and various utensils. 

What styles of barware should I consider?

Barware comes in various styles, from classic pieces to trendy statement-makers. Mix and match pieces from both genres for a collection that is fun and unexpected, or focus on timeless glassware and accessories that will never go out of style. 

What materials are available?

Depending on the barware you’re considering, several materials may be available. Glassware may come in actual glass, crystal or plastic, while other accessories, such as cutting boards or wine buckets, may be found in wood or metal. Take into consideration the overall style of your barware to determine which materials will best complement your collection. 


How much glassware should I purchase?

It’s advisable that each specific collection be comprised of eight to 12 pieces. For the more specialty glasses, it may be that you can get away with fewer: consider how often you’ll be using them, and how many guests you may be serving at once.


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