Toy Storage 101

The seemingly impossible task of keeping your kid’s room clutter-free can often be stressful. Maximizing the space and storage in your children’s room is essential to maintaining organization and simple enough so that your child knows where all his or her toys are, and where to put them away. It’s important for every child’s happiness that all toys be available and ready for an impromptu tea party or an after school play date.  With that said, safety must be first and foremost on your mind. Utilizing the cube (vertical space) of the room cannot always be done due to safety concerns.

Wall shelves keep floors clean.

Wall shelves keep toys off the floor and can be perfect staging areas for vignettes of displayed collectibles. Kids love having the freedom to pick and choose which toys they wish to showcase, so make sure to mount shelves that are within arms reach. 

A combination of open shelving and cabinets are perfect for versatility.

Furniture pieces that are a combination of open shelving and cabinets are perfect because the shelves allow the favorite toys, or the more display-worthy wooden toys, to be kept in clear view. Cabinets can serve the real functionality of storing everything else. While built in units are great for this, bookcases, hutches, cubbies, and other freestanding furniture pieces work well and are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles. 

Toy boxes can serve multiple functions.

A lot of toy boxes also double as work tables. They’re perfect in a playroom for doing homework or after school activities, and can store arts and crafts supplies in built in drawers and shelves for easy cleanup. They’re also built low to the ground so your kids have full access. Some are even designed with chalkboard tabletops which can also serve as an educational toy. 

Storage boxes provide portable storage.

Storage boxes, cubes and caddies are versatile and portable — perfect for open shelving or bookshelves. It’s easy to categorize and organize using these bins, and they can quickly convert an empty bookshelf into a toy storage unit until your child has built up his or her own home library. 

When tight on storage space, don’t forget about under the bed.

Under bed storage — is often the last frontier when it comes to tapping extra toy storage space. Rolling storage crates and drawers, even baskets, keep things organized and tucked neatly under a bed. It is the perfect place for toys that are less frequently used or that take up a lot of space.

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