Fire Pits 101

It’s easy to enjoy your backyard deck on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 75 degree weather, but how about at dusk when the sun and temperature goes down? It’s times like these that a backyard fire pit would come in handy. Consider building one during a backyard renovation or when you have a gas line installed. While those are both great design ideas to consider during a landscape project, don’t feel like those are the only available options in order to get a little flame into your yard. 

Should I buy a gas fire pit?

Gas fire pits are quickly becoming one of the most common options for outdoor fire pits. They are more environmentally friendly since they don’t release smoke into the atmosphere as is the case with traditional wood burning fire pits. Not only is this beneficial to overall air quality, but it also makes the outdoor experience much more enjoyable. Gone are the unpleasant experiences of having smoke directly in your face when the wind suddenly shifts over your outside fireplace. Gas fire pits are also extremely easy to operate. Simply turn on the gas, light, and start enjoying your personal outdoor heater. 

Is a wood-burning fire pit for me?

The smell and nostalgia of a traditional wood burning fire pit or fire bowl cannot be beat. For the eco-conscious, as long as you’re using your fire pit with moderation, your carbon footprint will still be intact. Many new styles are designed to incorporate firewood storage, which will prove to be very convenient. With a wood burning fire pit, the restrictions of gas lines or outlets are not even a factor. 

What about portable fire pits?

Ease and multi-function is what it’s all about if opting for a portable fire pit. While you may think that this limits you to a wood burning fire pit, think again. Many portable varieties come complete with propane fuel tanks discreetly installed in the body of the product. Now, not only can you move the heat as the outdoor party progresses, but you also don’t need to worry about lugging a steady supply of wood with it as well as the emissions that come from burning lumber. Many designs can also double as outdoor coffee tables too.

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