Kitchen Accessories 101

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your kitchen, there’s no need to buy all-new appliances or redo the countertops; all you need is some fun and practical kitchen accessories. Although it might not seem like much, incorporating new dish towels, food containers, pot racks, pitchers and trash cans can bring much-needed flavor and flair to your cooking space. Here’s how to brighten up your room.

Update your kitchen color scheme through accessories.

One of the best ways to make your space feel bright and shiny is by changing the color palette. Use accessories — such as oven mitts, pot holders, tea towels and aprons — to bring pops of color to an otherwise dull kitchen. Because fabrics come in a vast array of prints and patterns, they’re a great way to add touches of personality that you can easily swap out as seasons come and go and color preferences change.

Display fun canisters and food containers on your countertop.

Even though they’re primarily practical purchases, countertop food storage containers also make great additions to your decor. Whether they are sleek glass canisters or funky, colorful cookie jars, containers spruce up countertops and add storage when cabinet space is scarce.

Get creative with your kitchenware storage.

Although adding storage might not seem like a decorating decision, many storage options can also make interesting and beautiful decorations. A colorful kitchen cart can be that pop of color you need, while a hanging pot rock can display your best pots and pans. A wall-mounted spice rack or floating shelves can get colorful spices and cookbooks out of drawers and cupboards. Even something as useful as a trash can or dish rack can add a little something extra to your kitchen; just look for a bright color or a unique design.

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