Weird Home Insurance Facts 101

Caution!!! Before you read on, please understand that I’m not an insurance agent. Please consult with a licensed, professional insurance agent to interpret/analyze your policy and/or determine what you need for your individual situation and region.

If you’ve looked over your homeowner’s insurance policy lately, you were likely doing so to make sure that you were covered for certain types of damage. But did you know that your insurance policy likely covers other items that you may have considered to be unconventional?

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies can actually cover everything from beasts to volcanoes. Some homeowners may consider this to be very ironic, especially since a common issue, flooding is usually not covered. Here is a brief look at the strange things your policy may actually help you deal with.

Stampeding Animals

If you live beside a goat farm, and your neighbor`s herd gets loose and does damage to your property, you are likely covered for that damage. However, if the damage was caused by animals that you own, then you won`t be covered. In addition, stampeding animals are defined as those which are non-domestic, meaning cows, horses and everything-eating goats.

The Sky Is Falling

If you’ve looked at your policy lately and noticed something called ‘open peril’, then you are likely covered for everything that isn’t listed as a specific exclusion on your homeowner’s policy. But what does this really mean? Simply put, if debris from an old satellite, a meteor or some other stuff from space happens to land on your home and property and cause damage, your insurance company will likely cover you for it.

Your Garden

Believe it or not, your garden is likely covered for damage that occurs to it as a result of weather. While most homeowners don’t think they have any such thing, garden damage is usually something that’s included on every policy. In addition, removal of debris following a weather event, such as with a tree that’s fallen onto your garden may also be covered. Damage from vehicles not owned by the homeowner, a riot, theft and explosions are also covered.

Dearly Departed

Many homeowners aren’t aware that they are likely to be covered by their insurance company in the event that something happens to the tombstone of a loved one. While no one wants to think about this, vandalism, theft and damage due to natural disasters does happen. As well, in most cases damage to any mausoleums is covered as well. Some policies may cover damage up to as much as $5,000. For those who are wondering why this kind of thing is covered, it’s because these items are considered to be personal property.


If you receive a forged check from someone and it results in you losing money, your homeowners insurance will cover you if you have purchased this additional coverage. While it may be unusual, it is still a form of property damage. But checks aren’t the only items that homeowners insurance may cover. You may also be protected by any forgery or theft attempts made on your credit cards. However, even additional purchased coverage is not unlimited. You may only be eligible for $500 toward counterfeit or forgery claims.

Some Things That Aren’t Covered

Should a fire or another emergency occur at your home and you fail to take action to prevent further damage, then you may not be covered. One example could be a fire that occurs at your home that you unsuccessfully attempt to put out yourself, but don’t call firefighters to handle.  The same is true if a tree falls onto your home, but you don’t do anything to protect the interior of your home from further weather damage.

Interestingly, personal aircraft are not covered by homeowners insurance should that aircraft become stolen or damaged.

The best way to go about figuring out what you’re covered for is to consult with a profession insurance agent. Read your policy carefully. Knowledge is power, and should the time come to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, you won’t have to guess if you are covered for damage.

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