Garage Door Skins 101

So you want to make your garage look like more than a garage? Adding a little character, and often color, to an otherwise insipid sheet of metal, plastic, or wood can provide a much needed bit of entertainment, piece of mind for your budget, or just comic relief to the stodgy neighbors passing by.

The garage skins could also come off as incredibly gaudy, so understand that the line is narrow. Using a garage door panel skin is also a good way to cover up a damaged or outdated garage without spending a lot of money completely replacing the door. This is also known as being cheap and people will absolutely know it. This only matter, though, if you care what people think. Garage door skins can be an economical way to freshen up an old, weather worn door.

Garage door skins are diverse and can range in design from plain wood, plastic, or metal toned prints that replicate a garage door to colorful pictures and scenes.Typically the humorous skins feature random objects and scenes in a garage backdrop to give the impression of an absurd object or situation happening in your garage. For many people, however, the real absurd situation is what actually lurks behind their garage doors. In this case, an absurd pictorial garage skin may actually seem innocuous by comparison.

While many garage skins do have a practical purpose of ‘beautifying’ a dingy garage door you are too cheap to replace, the coolest skins are the ones that inspire a perplexed look, scoff, or disparaging remark about the garage owner. After all, having a tacky panel skin on your garage door may just give you a reputation among your neighbors that makes you wish you had just replaced the door itself. Of course, it may not.

At first glance from a distance those enormous racks of raw, bloody meat seem oddly out of place in that garage on this nice, suburban street. Oh wait! That must be one of those clever garage skins. This is correct. Garage slaughterhouse, an improvised strip club featuring near naked dancers, or a crammed jam session of 5 sweaty guys wailing on their guitars and drums. These are all actual uses of garages, but in the context you’re probably seeing them, they are likely just garage skins. Were you fooled? Maybe you wish they were real.

The skins less likely to produce such a response are those boasting a giant pair of feet and legs standing in the space, a larger than life mug of beer, a giant white alligator, an escaped convict tunneling through the ground, or a compressed fighter jet boxed perfectly in the space. At first glance you are unlikely to be startled or aghast at the visual. Seeing giant spits of rotisserie chicken in a garage might make you look twice or spurn a sudden craving for chicken, but you likely won’t be deceived. Sometimes clever, often bizarre, and mostly just desperate, illustrative garage skins are decidedly feeble entertainment.

Warning-If you live in a home owner association and/or adhere to neighborhood covenants, conditions, & regulations, you probably can’t decorate your garage door with a decorative skin. 

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