BBQ Grill’s 101

Back by popular demand!


In honor of March 1st, I present to you, our ole friend, the BBQ. Nothing tastes quite like fresh barbecue food off the grill, whether it’s gas, charcoal or electric. Each has its own distinct features, and you’ll need to consider size, grids and general construction to ensure you’re making the right purchase for your BBQ needs.

Should I choose charcoal, gas or electric?

This depends on your cooking preference, what you feel comfortable with and ultimately how you’d like your food to taste. See below for the pros and cons of each option. 
CharcoalUsing charcoal briquettes, wood, or a combination of both, charcoal grills give food an unmistakable smoked BBQ flavor, yet cooking it may take more time and you need to be aware of disposing ashes regularly. Look for a charcoal barbecue with air vents to maintain control over the internal temperature. 
Gas: Gas grills require…

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