Bulletin Boards 101


Bulletin boards are a great place to pin up a quick note and create a collage of your kid’s awards and artwork. Survey the amount of space you have for your chalkboard, and also think about what you plan to place on it before purchasing. Also, be sure to consider how you plan to hang it to best protect your walls. 

If you’re in the market for a bulletin board, read below to help with your search. 


What size cork board should I consider?

Think about where you’ll be placing it as well as what all you’ll need it for. Are you going to place it in the kitchen for the occasional grocery list or sports schedule? Then you probably don’t need one that’s especially large. Or do you want it to act as an inspiration display in your office? Perhaps in that case you want one that covers a significant amount of wall space. 


What style bulletin board will work best for me?

It’s hard to go wrong with the classic cork board, but if you desire more style, today’s bulletin board also comes in different colors and patterns that may better suit your space. For a more contemporary look, you may want to consider a magnetic board. This option is helpful for avoiding the deterioration of cork board after a lot of pinning over the years. Decide whether you want to go traditional, complement your décor or use your chalkboard as a décor element before making a purchase. 


How should I hang my bulletin boards?

This depends on the size and weight of your pin board. Also be sure to take into consideration the items you plan to pin to it. Also consider the wall you’re hanging it on to make sure it stays in tact. If it’s a smaller display and not especially heavy, adhesives may do the trick and will prevent nail holes. However, they may leave a residue behind when you take the tackboard down, or worse, pull off the paint or paper. The sturdiest option is to hang it with some sort of anchored screw or bolt system.


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