Home Office Design 101


No matter if the home office is simply a place to organize your paperwork, or will be the base of your new company, you can achieve the best layout and style with a little bit of forward planning.  After all, you are the boss.


Work out how much you can afford.  You will need to buy the basics, a desk, some lighting, stationary, maybe even a new laptop and printer.  You may need some extra specialized equipment for your business.  Make sure you have enough money and do not cut corners on the things you need, in favor of a fancy design.




You have to be smart when organizing your space. You may be restricted to a corner of a room, or maybe you have managed to free up a bedroom your new office space. Draw up a floor plan and take some measurements. Study the plan carefully to make certain you are on the right track. Don’t be hasty.


Now the fun bit.  What sort of look do you want in your office?  You want the area to be an inspiring place to work.  A great place for inspiration is the internet, try Pintrest or Houzz for contemporary modern styling ideas.


Colors & Textures

What colors do you want on the wall?  For example, corporate offices will have light bright colors ; they will also usually  have some inspiring frames on the wall.  A design company may have more unusual prints but if you’re on a tight budget, you could try an abstract style poster print in a clip frame.  Colors have a direct effect on your moods- bright colors can invigorate or light colors can create the feeling of extra space and have a calming effect.


Do you have access to a window in your room?  You can choose some professional blinds over curtains to help with the sun or maybe you would like some extra large floor lamps, or spotlights.  Consider installing a large skylight to make the most of the natural daylight, but at the very least make sure that you have adequate lighting, such as desk lamps near the place where you are working.



Invest in matching storage cabinets/ cabinet files, or give a lick of paint to existing ones.  Utilize a bookcase or get shelves on the wall.  Arrange box files on shelves, and have everything matching and to hand.  You need to get rid of all clutter, and planning storage is the best way to do this.


What sort of boss are you going to be?  Are you going for the corporate boss look with the oak and glass dining table that can double up as a boardroom table, or maybe something simple like metal chairs that can be folded away to help with space issues? Whatever style you select, make certain the the chair design is ergonomically friendly and comfortable so your body doesn’t get sore.



Plants are a great addition to any office.  They promote clean air. They also fight fatigue, stress, dry throat and headache.  Choose a plant that will match your new office style. Make sure to have a water catch basin under the pot.

Power up

Make sure that you have enough power points in the room.  If any of your sockets are malfunctioning, get a qualified electrician in to have a look at them.  Invest in some power leads for hard to reach corners if your working space is a little small. Don’t forget the all-important power strip to protect your expensive equipment from a power surge.

Whichever look you go for, choose colors, fabrics and designs which inspire you to be the best boss that you can be!   If you have any more design tips for the perfect home office, share in comments below.


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